Personal or Professional Meeting

What does it mean for you personally to live your full potential?

Rest deeply in your days,
allow yourself times of silence,
recognize yourself and live your full potential,
your truth.
Highest love, highest freedom, highest abundance on your way

As part of this meeting, we turn on the light, illuminate and examine your current situation and allow ourselves a non-judgmental, neutral view of things.
Life is a variety of changes, in some cases stagnation, frustration, blockade, sadness, loneliness, excessive demands or the question of sense and solution. There are various manifestations of how life can express itself.

In this private guidance or professional coaching we go back to the origins of the perhaps unwanted or unsatisfactory life situation and from there develop possibilities to live a life in balance, lightness and fulfillment.
A precondition for this is to realize your very own individuality and truth and to integrate them into your life.

In the context of professional supervision we also specifically address your vocation. What do you feel called to? What would you like to bring into your life? What does it mean for you personally to live your full potential?
There is no better time than “Now” to meet yourself deeply.

Live your truth


Private meeting, 1 hour: 160$, CHF, EUR
Professional meeting, 1 hour: 250$, CHF, EUR

Let us meet

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