Akashic Record Reading

get access to your truth from your own book of life

Aware that the current situation has financial consequences for some people, and in order to provide access to all, the contribution is donation based until the end of May 2021.

Immerse yourself deeply in the field of unconditional love…..
which surrounds you in a completely natural way,
the essence of who you are,
playful and light.
It is your truth

The Akashic Record is, so to speak, a tool, which supports you to step in into your own truth.

It is the source of knowledge, wisdom and unconditional love.

You gain access to your own level of consciousness (wisdom) and enter an information field (knowledge), free of dependencies and evaluations (unconditional love), which accompanies you on your way.
The Akashic Record is also called the “Book of Life” in which you can retrieve all the information of your previous and past life that may be useful to you at this time.

In conjunction with your own Akashic Record it is possible to work through patterns and blockades and dissolve them so that you can live your full potential of growth, joy, harmony and inner peace.
You recognize your own truth in which deep healing takes place.

Live your truth

You are looking for clarity, direction or healing in your life?

  • Expanded energy shifts in your personal vibrational field.
  • Emotional balance through releases of repressed emotional energies.
  • Physical, emotional and mental well-being and wholeness.
  • Regain personal empowerment, confidence and self-worth.
  • Discover root cause of relationship conflicts and resolve issue.
  • Financial freedom and abundance.
  • Clearing of addictive behavior.
  • Stress and anxiety healing.
  • Identifying less with fear, struggle, victim or lack patterns.
  • Gain insights, clarity and wisdom for your business


per hour: 160$, CHF, EUR

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