Yoga Sailing Retreat

Out of everyday life, into relaxation, adventure and enjoyment

Set sail and allow wind and waves to guide you to the very best place of your life… yourself

A warm invitation to you to join us on this wonderful Croatian sailing trip. And not only a sailing trip, but also a yoga journey.
Out of everyday life, into relaxation, adventure and enjoyment.
Yoga Yachting is a fascinating experience with daily yoga practice and sailing. Breathe in the fresh ocean breeze and enjoy a new magnificent panorama every day. Revitalize your energy with a refreshing bath after the yoga class, directly from the mat into the crystal clear sea.

Our yoga / sailing day begins in the morning with a revitalizing yoga session in beautiful bays followed by an exciting sailing trip.
We end the day with a strengthening and at the same time relaxing yoga class and then enjoy the culinary evening on board or on land.

Spending time together, making new experiences and thus getting out of one’s own comfort zone is a great gift.
And in doing so setting a new course to create inner peace and balance, to activate power potentials, and to increase mental clarity and physical well-being… therefore we would like to invite you.
Discover yourself anew – experience yourself anew –

We are looking forward to you.


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