getting to the root of problems with the assistance of your subconscious

Enter a hypnotic state and let your subconscious speak.
Let the roots reveal themselves whereof your mind knows nothing about.
Become free and truthful.
You ARE free and truthful

Your truth

With the hypnosis tool we focus in a cause- and goal-oriented way on a certain symptom, a restriction that hinders the free flow of your life.
With assistance of your subconscious we succeed very clearly and precisely in getting to the root, the cause of your complaints, to uncover and bring it into light.

With this true recognition, deep transformation for body, mind and soul can take place. At this very moment in which the cause is completely recognized and the reason for it can lie in this or a past life, a wide space for releasing and healing develops.

Live your truth

Positive effects with hypnosis on:

  • Fears (e.g. fear of flying, altitude, exams)
  • Depression and bad moods
  • Language disorders (stuttering, speech defects)
  • Addiction and habit problems (smoking, alcohol)
  • Nutritional or weight problems (“losing weight with hypnosis”, anorexia)
  • Problems with falling asleep or sleeping through the night
  • Snoring or teeth grinding
  • Increasing inner motivation and achieving goals
  • Behavioral problems (shyness, aggression)
  • Allergies of various kinds


First Hypnosis sesssion, 3-4 hours: 550$
Follow-up Hypnosis session, 1 hour: 160$

A first Hypnosis session includes:

  • briefing
  • detailed anamnesis survey
  • goal setting
  • hypnosis treatment
  • after-talk

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